Bitcoin payments via Google Glass

Startup Eaze has released a beta version of the innovative Bitcoin app „Nod to Pay“ for portable technologies. Nod to Pay was developed especially for Google Glass and is now available for download from the developers. The app currently supports Bitcoin wallets from Blockchain and Coinbase. More wallets are planned.

Due to the unique Google Glass interface, payment is a bit different than with a smartphone. To make a payment it is not enough to simply nod your head. First the users have to link their wallet via QR code. Then he has to activate the app and give it the command to execute the payment: „OK Glass, make payment“. On command the Google Glass then scans the QR code of the payee and shows the details directly on the display. The payment is then confirmed with a double nod. To ensure a higher security Eaze plans an individual limit which can be changed with a personal PIN code.

Portable innovation by the news spy

With the Nod to Pay app, Eaze offers a unique „hands-free“ payment method. „We are proud to be the first to introduce a global payment method for the news spy to the market. Since its release in February, we have worked hard on the app to make it available for the commercial market,“ says co-founder Rutger van Zuidam about the innovation to onlinebetrug and adds:

„With the integration of Coinbase and, we have also responded to the market by not introducing another wallet, but making existing wallets available for Google Glass.

Although the concept already exists since 2012, Google has only started this week with the official distribution of Google Glass. The $1,500 price sounds very expensive at first, but it’s worth remembering that the glasses were originally designed only for technical demonstration purposes and not for the consumer.

Last year, a Bitcoin secret for payment came onto the market

However, this was limited to certain brick and mortar businesses: Whether we like it or not, portable technologies like GoogleGlass and SmartWatches are on the rise and developers are eager to experiment with such apps. With the release of Bitcoin secret and the latest Google Wallet update, developments in this niche are on their way up, albeit slowly.